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The Death Pool – GMHL West Lost Tumbler Ridge – Derek Prue Days numbered?

2023 is getting kicked off in a big way up in the GMHL West. Players being forced to play for multiple teams, players being traded from one team to another to try to save it from going under, and all kinds of other fun and interesting three ring circus kind of business operations.

After being given back multiple franchises, the illustrious hockey business genius (sarcasm font) Derek Prue has decided to fold the Tumbler Ridge Steel Kings and force the players onto several other shit shows that he operates. No refunds are available moms and dads because well, someone had to pay the bar tab over the holiday break.

Oh yeah, the Head Coach left Tumbler Ridge weeks ago for a new job, and well there just weren’t any players willing to play for a team with no wins, only eight skaters, and giving up an average of ten goals per game in the total of four games they played.

Who could imagine why Tumbler Ridge may be in trouble? Certainly not the hockey business genius.

In other GMHL West news, it now looks as though the next communities on the Derek Prue hit list for expansion may be rethinking things.

Smart TJHN readers are warning the villages of Crowsnest Pass and Pincher Creek to make sure these communities are not the next ones to be taken advantage of. Sending city officials TJHN articles and then having city officials contact other city officials who have been burnt by the Prue scam can tend to put a damper on expansion plans. Nothing says success like unpaid bus bills and sponsors who did not receive what they paid for.

Sources inside Ontario are saying Prue has worn out his welcome in the GMHL. Yes, people in the GMHL do talk off the record and all are embarrassed by what Prue has done. Several sources are suggesting that they would like to see the GMHL West no longer be associated with the GMHL moving forward.

If Prue lost the GMHL name he will lose any leverage of historical value when approaching municipalities for new franchises.

Meanwhile, more players have left some of the other Prue operated teams, and the Head Coach of McKenzie has left for the FPHL.

The wheels are essentially falling off the Prue traveling circus and he is being left to pick up the elephant poop he has left along the way. Many are waiting for him to try to put his head in a Lions mouth and hold out hope that the Lion will bite.

In other GMHL West news, the players are now alleged to be forming a union and will go on strike in the coming weeks if they are not given all they were promised by team owners. That should make things interesting when sorting out all the forfeits.

A GMHLPA would certainly be interesting. Imagine every GMHL and GMHL West team being forced to provide players everything they are promised? Imagine the prospect of the home and visiting teams just sitting down at center ice and refusing to play unless a real post game meal is provided. Imagine teams just “no showing” at their home games unless the track suits and other swag promised is provided.

If players and parents actually organize, Prue’s days of playing games with other people’s money would end instantly. 2023 is going to be a great year for the GMHL West.

The GMHL West really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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