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The Death Pool – GMHL West’s Kitimat Saax Have Disappeared – Video Evidence?

In Western Canada, authorities have been alerted to a potential UFO abduction of the entire Kitimat Saax hockey team.

In a three game playoff series with the Burns Lake Timbermen, Kitimat was tied with the incredibly successful team from Burns Lake at one win each. Then, something happened, the deciding third game was never played, the players have vanished, and now the investigation into the missing team from Kitimat has begun.

Where no game three was played to decide the series, somehow, the team from Burns Lake ended up playing the Mackenzie Mountaineers this week in another playoff series.

Suspiciously players from Kitimat who were reportedly abducted by the UFO surfaced this weekend on the Burns Lake roster for the playoff series with Mackenzie. Witnesses at the Mackenzie playoff series, the three people that actually attended, are now reporting that those players were not available for the post-game press conference.

With this previously unforeseen playoff series between Burns Lake and Mackenzie taking place, more reports out of Kitimat are arriving via Facebook. While the team mysteriously vanished before a deciding third game could be played, it turns out all the money in Kitimat has also vanished.

Shocking information for all of you readers I am sure.

Suspiciously, the Burns Lake Timbermen are owned by GMHL West director and world renowned “hockey business genius” Derek Prue.

Prue, the author of dozens of self-proclaimed successful hockey business ventures, is considered “world renowned” in his own world. That world has a population of one at the time of this writing.

Prue, when asked by “fans” about the disappearance of the team from Kitimat; he was said to be distracted and did not answer while he was counting Canadian dollars in the toilet of the Burns Lake arena. When asked why he was counting money in a public toilet, some comment about washing it or making it clean was made.

Authorities in Kitimat are asking that any witness’s to the Saax team UFO abduction please come forward, and that any video of the flying saucer be handed over for examination. Those same authorities are sure it was a flying saucer as they also believe in pink Unicorns.

Early Sunday morning, Prue was spotted in the United States with a tractor trailer and a large unidentified object on the back of it.

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