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The Death Pool – Hockey Canada Hanging On By A Thread

Hockey Canada is for all intents and purposes, a dumpster fire that is burning out of control right now. Even though there are fire extinguishers everywhere, Hockey Canada directors refuse to pick them up and use them.

Tim Hortons, arguably Canada’s most recognizable brand has now pulled its sponsorship from Hockey Canada after the latest round of hearing concerning the handling of sexual misconduct violations.

Scotiabank has also pulled its sponsorship concerning the same mishandling and covering up of these allegations.

With all the damage done to Canada’s “governing body”, still the leadership refuses to resign from their positions. Nothing says “ego” more than this absolutely ignorant position and their refusal to leave and answer for their actions.

In an official statement Tim Hortons said the following;

“We’ve communicated to Hockey Canada on many occasions that the organization needs to take strong and definitive action before it can regain the faith and trust of Canadians,” it reads. “We’re deeply disappointed in the lack of progress that Hockey Canada has made to date.”

Tim Hortons added that they will continue to fund Canada’s women’s and para hockey teams, as well as youth hockey.

On Tuesday, Hockey Canada interim board chair Andrea Skinner defended Hockey Canada before a parliamentary committee, saying it has an “excellent reputation” and arguing against scapegoating “hockey as a centerpiece for toxic culture.”

Sport Minister Pascale St-Onge has said there should be a change in leadership at the top of the organization. 

Skinner told the committee that would not be happening. 

On Tuesday, Hockey Québec voted to cut ties with Hockey Canada in the wake of the allegations. St-Onge applauded the move. 

“It … sends the message to the leaders at the organization that are holding on to their jobs that Hockey Canada doesn’t belong to them,” St-Onge told reporters in Ottawa. 

The Ontario Hockey Federation has now said that it intends to withhold its funds from Hockey Canada. The federation said it made a formal request to Hockey Canada “to not collect the $3.00 Participant Assessment Fee for the 2022-2023 season.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday that Hockey Canada is failing to understand how it contributed to the “serious” situation gripping the organization.

“It boggles the mind that Hockey Canada is continuing to dig in its heels,” said Trudeau.

“Parents across the country are losing faith or have lost faith in Hockey Canada, certainly politicians here in Ottawa have lost faith in Hockey Canada,” he said.

If this were happening in the United States, this governing body would have been completely blown up and decertified months ago.

The extent to which this governing body has gone to not only cover up the allegations, but to cover up their own actions regarding these allegations is simply shocking to every person who learns what has taken place.

The people in positions of authority involved in these allegations, which are subject to criminal investigations should be held accountable not only civilly but criminally. The covering up of a crime is in fact a crime, and it should be seen as such regardless of the people’s reputation or position within Hockey Canada. One could argue that it is because of their reputation and position that a criminal prosecution is even more appropriate.

Maybe it is time to ask those involved this question.

“If this were your daughter, what would you have us do?”

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