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The Death Pool – It’s Not Junior Hockey When….

Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone reading. I hope your week is starting out as well as mine has. Nothing quite like opening a bunch of emails over the weekend to read about some of the circus operations out there calling themselves junior hockey programs.

It is amazing what teams will try and players will actually put up with.

Its not junior hockey when your Head Coach is found sleeping in his car in the parking lot of the arena because he got too drunk at the arena bar the night before to drive home and he left his office keys in the bar.

Its not junior hockey when on your first road trip of the year, you are told that there will be five players in each room, and your pre game meal is a raman noodle with chopped up hotdog made in the lobby by your “trainer”.

Its not junior hockey when you are losing every game by and average of five goals or more and your coach keeps blaming the goalies but your team has never scored more than two goals in a game.

Its not junior hockey when you have ten skaters, but the game sheet says 15 because your coach keeps using players names that left the team a week ago.

Its not junior hockey when your mom starts dating your coach and you go from sitting in the stands to playing a regular shift. Coach has finally seen how good I am when all the other coaches didn’t. Thanks mom.

Its not junior hockey when no one on your roster has played higher than Midget AA before the start of the season. And your leading scorer from AA just decided to leave and go back to AA.

Its not junior hockey when you have a full roster and you get bitch slapped by 15 goals in two games by a team with 9 skaters and one goalie.

Finally, its not junior hockey when after a well organized team workout at the gym, followed by a seminar on nutrition, your coach takes the team for lunch at Burger King. Yep, lots of high value nutrition for athletes there.

Yes folks, all of these things happened or are happening right now on various teams…….

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