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The Death Pool – Mackenzie Mountaineers Are Dead In Off Season Mercy Killing

The Mackenzie Mountaineers were mercifully killed off by the Mackenzie town council. Yes. Someone in Canadian local politics finally pulled their heads out of their backsides and protected their community.

Ok. What really happened is that “hockey genius” Derek Prue did not show up for his set appointment with the council for Mackenzie. A no show? And this is how a hockey professional who is suppossed to be starting this new league is going to start off?

Rumors out of Mackenzie concerning the “hockey genius” absence are now coming from everywhere. From another UFO abduction similar to last years entire team abduction, to being busy with a father and son speed dating event, or the increasingly popular one that an outstanding bar tab kept him from attending.

How does this loss of Mackenzie effect the rest of these incredible teams? It sure will be interesting to see how the Kitimat Saax manage the minimum 14 hour bus trip to their next closest rival. You remember Kitmat don’t you? Thats the same organization that couldnt finish last season and couldnt put a full roster on the ice at any point.

Kitimat was also known as the center of racial abuse among team mates, and hard partying that brought police intervention. Local authorities and community members were tired of the Kitimat Saax organization before the season even started, with community members jumping off the ship prior to puck drop.

The NJHL is also likely going to face more pressure for use of the initials NJHL.

The Noralta Junior “C” Hockey League is a Hockey Canada sanctioned league that has a stronger claim on the NJHL set of initials. I would be looking for some legal claim to firm that position up rather quickly.

Then again, why let other leagues stand in the way of such great hockey programs that the “hockey genius” and his band of merry men have developed?

With Mackenzie out, and Kitimat likely to be found on some UFO in the future, that would bring this incredible development league down to five teams before the end of June. Shocking I know.

What do Mackenzie and Kitimat have in common? Both were owned by “hockey genius” Derek Prue. This too is shocking surely.

It sure will be fun to hear about these two teams still recruiting players at the Vegas showcase this week. Of course the teams problems will all be imaginary and will be cleared up in short order. Dont let the team not existing get in the way of collecting a tuition deposit eh boys?

While the NJHL shit show is on the way to Vegas, people in Mackenzie are lining up at the arena to cash the I.O.U.’s left all over town. The arena is no longer accepting I.O.U.’s and will now require all users to pay in advance.

NJHL expansion teams are said to be discounted at this time to any idiots who have no experience and who cannot find a better place to waste their money.

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