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The Death Pool – Minnesota Iron Rangers Are Dead

Some Mondays are just a little predictable. Yeah, thinking about it, it was only a few Mondays ago I predicted the death of the Iron Rangers.

Call me psychic or something, but it sure is funny how these things seem to happen. Coincidence? I think not.

The last few years the Iron Rangers were under the control of a board of directors with no hockey experience, and even less money. It was a disaster.

Multiple offers to take over the team were made by multiple qualified and monied people. The Commissioner said he was “committed to Hoyt Lakes and the ownership group.”

That’s right, it was the commissioners decision to keep this embarrassment of an ownership group in control. This commissioner lead its league members down a path that was not only predictable, but more likely than not.

What happens to a commissioner who does this? In my book he should have his ass fired.

In one shitty move he devalued every other franchise. In one franchise evaluation he showed he was incapable of making one correct hockey business decision.

In the end, a commissioner is a business manager for the leagues team owners. When he can not competently manage a business, in any other business, he gets fired.

So, lets hear a big round of applause for the Iron Rangers and the shit show they were the last two years. A shit show captained by the leagues commissioner. May he go down with his ship.

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