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The Death Pool – NA3HL Yellowstone Quake On Deaths Door

Here at the Death Pool, we love the NA3HL. This is a league that has given the Death Pool so much over the years, that frankly we should send thank you cards.

This year, the NA3HL has its regular handful of disasterous teams. Lets look at a few teams and their goal differentials shall we?

Minnesota Loons minus 133 goals

Austin Ice Bats minus 142 goals

Mid Cities Jr Stars minus 197 goals

Yellowstone Quake minus 158 goals

For those of you who have watched more than one or two hockey games. you know than none of those teams should be labeled as junior hockey. Those organizations should be removed from any form of competition.

Fortunately, the NA3HL has instituted some new rules to help get rid of some franchises. One rule being that if a team is not “competitive”, and “competitve” being measured by winning a minimum of five games. Yes. Thats the standard. Win five games in a fifty seven game season. Talk about a low bar to achieve.

Austin has won two games, Minnesota has won three games, Mid Cities has somehow saved itself and won six games, while Yellowston has won zero games.

Yellowstone has not only not won a single game, but they only have one set of jerseys, and their website has been down for quite a while.

But it gets better. Players began leaving this past week. The team picked a few local high school players in order to try to keep things going. More players are said to be leaving this week. And if thats not bad enough, the NA3HL is said to be preparing massive fines upward of one hundred thousand dollars for this team not being competitive and other rules violations.

Yes. Nothing says quality like kicking your buddy in the balls when he is down.

Maybe the NA3HL should actually start forcing its other member teams to follow rules of fair play and parity? Maybe the NA3HL should get rid of at least a half dozen teams that shouldnt exist in the first place?

When several NA3HL teams are carrying so many “practice players” for extra income, wouldnt having those players actually play and compete be better for their development? Nah, who cares about development when there is bonus money to be made with more players.

Yes. Nothing says quality assurance like the NA3HL. Quality of course meaning you have to win five games, and if you think thats quality, then you should probably call and try to buy a franchise. The clock is ticking in Yellowstone.

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