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The Death Pool – NJHL Is Latest “Hockey Genius” Derek Prue Scheme

The legendary “hockey genius” Derek Prue has been kicked out of the WSHL and GMHL in junior hockey. Before that he was kicked out of the CHL in minor pro hockey in the United States. Consistency and effort boys!

If you make the right effort you will consistantly get kicked out of every league you have been a part of, until you finaly decide to start your own shit show! By that standard, Derek Prue has certainly arrived.

Leaving what is reportedly more than one hundred thousand dollars owed to the GMHL, the “hockey genius” has shown his level of expertise in screwing everyone who is associated with him continues to grow. This is no small accomplishment ladies and gentlemen, to walk away with that kind of debt and immediately start your own league is simply a level of grifting rarely seen in sports.

The National Junior Hockey League, baring any cease and desist for trademark and copyright infringement from the National Hockey League, will attempt to rebrand the former GMHL West teams.

Is Derek Prue listed on the website for the NJHL? Nope. Not yet. A “fall guy” is being prepared to be the new face of the new “league”.

Lets be absolutely clear. This league and its teams are not “junior hockey”. They are not even close to a Junior A or Tier II level. These are U20 teams for players who cant play in legitimate junior leagues based on skill or some other factor.

These teams and this league exist solely to fleece indigenous tribal members of tribal money, and unsuspecting or desperate players who simply want to keep playing when they should be going to school.

This is a money grab of the lowest level. Any parent, player, or tribal council member funding this needs to take a long look in the mirror and ask exactly what they are funding.

How many players have gone on to legitimate junior hockey teams and league from any of the “hockey genius” Derek Prue’s teams and programs?

How many players have gone on to NCAA hockey teams from any of the “hockey genius” Derek Prue’s teams and programs?

How many NCAA or legitimate Junior A scouts show up to games in the far reaches of Western Canada to watch these teams?

The answer to all or most of these questions is identical. ZERO.

Unfortunately, despite all of the information available to players, parents and communities, many will get sucked into this scheme only to be disappointed. The majority of whom will say “I should have paid attention to the warnings” or “I wish I would have known”.

Then, those same people will complain here to TJHN about what happened and how they were tricked into giving these guys their money.

The only question really reamining is who will be the front man, the fall guy when everything goes in the toilet? Who is going to be dumb enough to put his name and face on what will definitely be another absolute disaster?

Stay tuned, the “hockey genius” is already starting to stir things up in Western Canada.

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