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The Death Pool – NJHL Poised To Lose Teams

What can we say about the NJHL that they really haven’t said about themselves through their own actions? The self styled band of merry thieves is riding out the remainder of the 2023-2024 season looking to set the world, or rather themselves on fire.

The illustrious hockey genius Derek Prue might have found himself a new front man in Jacob Hegefeldt who is now being named to local authorities as the “Operations Manager” of the NJHL. After a little digging, we were not able to find any person by that name, but we did find someone named Jacob Hegerfeldt who is from Alberta and did at one time play for a team once associated with the hockey genius.

Regardless, new front man or not, the worlds greatest gong show continues to decimate cities where ever it goes.

Multiple sources are reporting that as many as three cities will be lost at the end of the 2023-2024 season. I know, its extremely shocking isnt it?

Multiple sources are reporting that the Gibbons Pioneers, are being kicked out of their areans as soon as the season ends. The movement to get the organization, if you can call it organized, out of the arena actually began last year. Fortunately the City of Gibbons has more and better options for the future.

Still other sources are reporting that the disaster called the Vulcan Rampage may be run out of town for not paying their ice fees, along with not paying for other items like advertising, jerseys, and bussing. If you needed any more proof of the disaster, the Medical Trainer quit for non payment, and players have been leaving and being replaced with local high school players. Indeed nothing says success like being in last place and ripping off everyone involved in any way.

Dont look away too long because multipls sources are also saying the Fox Creek Icebergs, I meant Ice Kings could be on the way out as well. With a total of 12 players on the roster Saturday night and two being goalies, the Fox Creek team looks more like the Titanic than anything else. A negative -128 goal differential for this “program” says all you need to know about the competitive value offered.

Whats funny is that anyone calls this garbage “junior hockey”. But hey moms and dads, if your kid is just bad enough to not make a legitimate Tier III team, these guys, the Coackroaches of hockey, will be around to happily fleece you of your money next year.

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