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The Death Pool – Ontario Hockey Association Poops The Bed Again

Nothing quite like discussing hockey in Canada.  I mean, they invented the game, they own the game, and the rest of us are just lucky they let us participate.  All the experts reside in Canada, and they just win every international competition, and every championship every year.

Ummmmmmm yeah, well not so much.

Who the hell is running the OHA?  Where the hell are these people forming their opinions from?  I mean, Hockey Canada has way too many governing bodies under its umbrella.  The boys up top must have forgotten the OHA even exists because they sure cant be watching what a shit show this group has turned into.

Lets look at a couple of recent OHA decisions.  I mean just to set the table for the latest example of stupidity.

First the OHA, denies the GOJHL Junior A status based on a back room deal with the OJHL.  Even though the GOJHL clearly has teams that would kick the crap out of some OJHL teams.  Even though the OHL sends more players to the GOJHL than the OJHL.  Nope, never mind that, lets just screw them because we made a deal with someone else.

Then we get the OHA unilaterally implementing a full face shield rule for all junior players.  Yep, that’s brilliant.  Nothing like making it even harder for Ontario teams to recruit top end talent when players want to wear half shields.

Yeah, that’s right, the OJHL, GOJHL and PJHL all have to wear full shields next year.  Meanwhile players are looking at the CCHL, NOJHL and SIJHL as more attractive options now.  Yep, that’s a good business decision.  Envision a painting of Dogs playing poker and it probably looks like the OHA board room.

And now we have a real beauty.

The OHA in their infinite wisdom have denied an OJHL team being sold and moved to Brantford.  It gets better though…….

This was after the OJHL unanimously approved the sale and relocation.  Yes.  After the OJHL unanimously approved a sale and relocation of one its own member teams, the OHA steps in and denies the team being moved to Brantford.

But wait for it…….They wont even give its reasons for making the denial public!

Seriously?  This is an example of a “Governing Body”?  This is the best that Southern Ontario Canada can come up with to oversee hockey?

What a joke.  Hockey Canada should be embarrassed.  To deny anyone the opportunity to sell their business, or another person an opportunity to purchase one is probably the most intrusive piece of bullshit legislation in junior hockey history.

And people wonder why the GMHL stays in business?

Its jokes of organizations like this that will keep driving players and owners away from hockey in Ontario.  An organization like this is just another example of how Hockey Canada has too many layers of governance and red tape to get anything done correctly.

Want to know why players are leaving?  Look in the mirror.

On a positive note though, the OHA is rumored to be offering participation trophies to every player under its umbrella.  The trophies will cost extra though because more of your money is needed to operate our over sized staff.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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