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The Death Pool – Ovechkin Not Only Supports Putin But He Founded A Group To Support Him And recruited Other Russian Athletes And Stars – The Proof

I keep reading all the Alex Ovechkin stories on how we should give him a pass, and he is worried about his family. Sorry, but that is bullshit. Alex Ovechkin not only supports Putin, but he created a group to support him.

Here is the latest video from that group he created named Putin Team, followed by a video exposing him for creating it five years ago. Very interesting when you read the subtitles. Putin Team looks a whole lot like modern Nazi’s.

If you don’t recognize the man in this video its because Putin has him in jail for speaking the truth. His name is Alexi Navalny and he would have been the one to win elections in Russia if not for Putin’s actions,

Amazing who is involved in Putin Team isn’t it? Also amazing how they love the United States and European benefits of life.

When someone signs his name to support Putin, he either takes his name off the support or he continues to support him by not taking his name off of it. Why is Alex Ovechkin getting a pass in the United States? He does not deserve it, and if he is unwilling to speak out against the actions of his friend Putin, then he needs to go back to Russia and live there permanently.

No one smart is buying the story that his family is in danger. Thousands of regular Russians are taking to the streets to protest and they are not getting killed. No one believes that with Ovechkin’s money and popularity in Russia that his family is in any danger. If they were in danger then he should be there with them or he should have gotten them out.

The double standards for athletes are sickening. If this were Ivan the plumber from the Bronx who won the lottery and founded this Putin Team, he would be getting deported in less than a day. If this were Sasha from Chicago who used his money from the restaurant he owns to support Putin Team, he would be out of business.

All this bleeding heart poor Ovechkin sentiment is not deserved, and it is completely inappropriate for such a vocal and active supporter of Putin. It is time to treat him as any other Non Registered Russian Agent.

Yes I know, more hate emails. More lost subscribers and readers. It is what it is. People need to open their eyes to what is really happening in the world. So I will give you one more truth. This photo taken two blocks from me is of real people who have been effected by Putin and people that support him like Alex Ovechkin. Real women and real children with what is now an unreal life.

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