The Death Pool – Owner Of Two CPJHL Teams Removed For Recruiting By Fraud

Its not often I get to pen a Death Pool article.  This one though was of special interest to me and some friends of mine with the Brookings Blizzard.

The CPJHL is entering its third season in Ontario as an AAU sanctioned Tier III league.  By all accounts the existing teams have made some pretty good strides when it comes to development.  In fact many are saying it is one of the few leagues with strong enough leadership to make hard choices.

Unfortunately they are now linked to the Ownership of Brian Fish who owns both the Wexford Raiders and Muskoka Anglers.  Why I say unfortunately is simply because Brian Fish is recruiting based upon completely false and fraudulent representations to players and parents.

In marketing materials and mass spam emails, Brian Fish claims to have relationships and influence within the Brookings Blizzard organization.  Truthfully, Brian Fish was removed as a scout for Brookings when it was discovered that he was telling players he was the head scout, and making it appear as though his teams were associated with Brookings when they are not.

So, no connections to the NAHL for either of these shit shows.

Brian Fish also went on to claim he had players testing agreements in place with Central Scouting Services to provide testing three times a year.  In fact, Brian Fish was denied any testing for his organizations by CSS months ago.  This claim is completely fraudulent and will now result in a lawsuit against Fish and these teams.

So, no CSS connections for either of these shit shows.

The best part of this is that Brian Fish was dumb enough to make these claims in writing and everything can be traced back to him.

It seems like tracing things back to the Fish was his undoing.  After a few emails, and a phone conversation the Fish was removed and replaced.  He will no longer have an opportunity in the league and is likely done in hockey.  Another example of the CPJHL not waiting for things to happen, but making things happen when they need to.

Keep that turd polish close at hand Mr. Fish, you’re going to need it for your resume.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher