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The Death Pool – Pre Planning Your Teams Funeral

Like the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”.  Well kids, we’re about to enter the critical part of what I am calling the year of living dangerously!  Its time for some of you to begin planning your teams funerals.  Boo Hoo Hoo

That’s right kids, while many leagues have started their seasons, there are some leagues and teams that have yet to start.  The beauty of this week and next is that pretty much everyone will be up and running.  Or should I say, up and running around looking for excuses on why they don’t have full rosters yet.

So hey, lets start off by saying the NA3HL looks to be in pretty good shape now from top to bottom.  Getting a bunch of NAHL cuts last week sure helped some teams get healthy in a hurry.  Looks like I wont be visiting any of those teams any time soon.

Now before you get to thinking that all the news for Tier III is great……

Take a look at the NPHL for just a little bit will ya.  So you got a league that says they will have 8 teams.  Amazing since they only had 5 last year and got their asses handed to them at nationals that they could some how go to 8.  Amazing is right because only 6 teams have filed their protected lists, and only 4 of those 6 could play right now.

Not looking to good for the boys out west there is it?  How is a team with 12 players protected, and 4 of them being goalies going to play next weekend?  Or how are the two teams that haven’t even reported any players going to play?

Sticking around out west, the WSHL teams are starting to put their rosters on line now too.  Some teams look pretty strong on paper, but a bunch don’t have any players listed, and some only have a few.  A little transparency boys, that’s what the consumer wants.  Rumors of some teams being short players could be the death of you.

Moving over to the MWJHL, things look to have kind of stabilized there.  Only one team is said to be in real danger now.  We wont know for sure how they will shape up until the end of the month though.

Oh damn, I almost forgot the MNJHL.  Looking like some teams are still in trouble over there.  A few games played this weekend with really short rosters were blowouts.  Kind of embarrassing eh boys?  I mean how can you responsibly put such a undermanned team on the ice and expect them to compete.

Heading east, there are still some teams in the alphabet soup of leagues out there that are looking to round out rosters.  There might be something out there later this week though.

So riddle me this Batman; How can these teams be allowed to continue on?  When does a league have the balls to step in and say “you’re done”?

How many blowout scores do you have to see?  How many players getting hurt will it take?

Better yet, when will USA Hockey and AAU tell teams their done?  If its about development and you say you’re concerned with safety, how can you let 10 or 12 skaters on the ice three nights in a row?  Think someone isn’t going to get hurt because of fatigue?  Think that development comes from double digit losses?

The best question is when will parents and players pull their heads out of their asses?  I mean really kids, look around.  If you don’t see a full roster, and your getting your ass kicked every night, what the hell are you paying for?

Oh sure, the coaches and owners are saying they will get more players.  Yep those NAHL cuts are going to be enough to fill every team that has a short roster.  If you believe that, then you need to go back and take a math class because their aint that many players coming to Tier III.  Who needs to wait for the new Dumb and Dumber movie to come in November when you got all this entertainment right!

So anyway, back to pre planning your funeral.  Remember you can upgrade your casket now to play music while you rest eternally…..The good old hockey game….

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening

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