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The Death Pool – Province Of Ontario Killing Junior Hockey With Insane Restrictions

For the last fifteen months, I have largely been supportive or complimentary on how Canada has dealt with the COVID pandemic. Now enough is enough.

Canada has been conservative. Highly conservative, and now in retrospect the government has been overly restrictive in its pandemic management measures.

Instead of blaming the pandemic, and what really amounts to a minimal amount of infections, and a small amount of deaths, the blame should be placed at the feet of the Canadian Government for not adequately preparing for the second and third waves, and specifically not purchasing enough vaccine for Canadian citizens.

Now, with the Canadian borders remaining closed, the Province of Ontario has given guidance as to how MLB, NBA, and Major Junior hockey can return to play.

They have not given guidance for how ANY Junior A or Junior B hockey can return to play. And that is simply a display of what the Canadian Government, or the lack of effective government has become.

As of now, the return to play plan excludes the OJHL, CCHL, NOJHL, SIJHL, and all Junior B hockey in Ontario.

There is absolutely NO PLAN presented to allow any sports to have fans return to the stands. Effectively cutting the lifeblood of every team completely off.

How can a plan be in place for professional sports and not for amateur? Is Canada saying that amateur sports are not as important? Or are they admitting they have failed as a government in 15 months to manage the pandemic to allow its citizens a normal life?

And for those of you paying attention the Canadian and United States border closure was extended once again.

For those of you thinking it will open for American players to go to Canada, you are better off buying a lottery ticket. The borders will not be opening for Americans any time soon.

Prime Minister Trudeau said it would take 75 per cent of Canadians getting a first dose and 20 per cent receiving a second before rules can be loosened.

Any easing of border restrictions in June or July will be for Canadian Citizens and full time legal residents of Canada. They will be required to present proof of full vaccination in order to re-enter Canada, and will have a reduced quarantine time.

Americans will NOT be allowed to travel until the government has in place a “two track” system that can verify vaccinations. Americans that are not vaccinated will not be allowed to enter.

Yes. Canada is essentially killing its own national past time for kids and families. Enough is enough. Let the vaccinated play, and if you can’t vaccinate everyone then it is the Government that is to blame, and the Government that should pay.

As of now, ZERO dollars have been given to Canadian Junior A or B teams in the way of assistance for survival. Yet money flows everywhere else. More rules, no money, and citizens are just supposed to bend over and take it. Ohhhhhhh Canada.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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