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The Death Pool – Reports From The Court House

Before we begin our annual death march of Tier III team next week, we thought it would be fun to check in on what the dumb and dumber crowd may be up to recently.

We know its an honor and a privilege for these morons to be featured here, and they truly look forward to having their shit out in the public eye. You are very welcome! LOL

Mike (Spike) McCormick was removed as head coach of the Peterborough Minor Midget AAA Petes the same day police announced he was facing charges of sexual assault and exploitation.

Ummmm yeah. Mike “The Spike” allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl he was in a position of authority over, in 2015. Maybe Mike will really earn his nickname in the pokey?

Jennifer Robinson who was the financial director for the OMHA in Canada was charged with stealing 2.4 million dollars!

Yes. 2.4 million dollars! The investigation took 7 months. So someone needs to explain how much money the OMHA is making off young hockey players that this much money could be missing and they still operated without problems!

Ms. Robinson is free on bond. Yes. Free on bond for theft of 2.4 million. That simply wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world without putting up a whole lot of bond money. Great system eh?

Pervert and former AAA hockey coach Mike Hull in Ottawa got sentenced to 8 months of time served for child pornography relating to a young girl. Turns out old Mike was an equal opportunity predator when he was also being investigated for actions with a boy. Only no charges were filed because the parents didn’t want to go through a trial!

That’s it for today folks. Check back soon as teams are already getting ready to vanish!

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