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The Death Pool – Reports From The Court House

Sometimes, the tip line on Twitter and Facebook just gets over loaded, and you cant believe all the things you are reading. You would think that there has to be a limit to some levels of stupidity, but of course there isn’t.

More child predators in the coaching ranks getting caught. So much for the background check systems in place huh? Yep, a fatal flaw in those systems is that they only catch people who have already been caught. They can’t eliminate coaches until they are charged. Not exactly the safety net some parents like to think it is.

Tyson Dion, was charged with multiple sexual assault and battery counts in Swampscott Mass. While the charges are not related to his coaching activity, he has been relieved of his positions within the local hockey association.

Allen Pereira of Woburn Mass., was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery concerning one of his former players. The former player accused Pereira of assaulting him for years beginning when he was 14 years old and ending when he was graduating high school. Pereira was released on a GPS monitor.

Rikki Ellen Varieur was charged with five counts of Embezzelment in Wyandotte Michigan. More than $30,000 is missing, in a case where receipts and documents have been unaccounted for over the course of years. How does a youth hockey association lose thirty thousand dollars and not have financial problems? Maybe there’s too much money being charged in those monthly ice bills?

Finally, Ed Belfour, was charged in Kentucky with being super drunk when publicly intoxicated and damaging property at his hotel. The Hall of Fame goaltender. Its not the first time the Eagle has been charged with an alcohol related offense. Maybe the Belfour Spirits company, a whiskey company founded by Belfour, should look at making non-alcholic beverages instead.

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