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The Death Pool – Special Report – Hockey Canada Making Threats – Part Two

So, here’s part two for all the donkeys saying my story is bullshit.  The underlying idea is that if anyone likes cheeseburgers, they have to buy their cheeseburgers from us or they cant have any cheeseburgers.

Seriously kids, that is what the below letter equals in the real world.  Yeah, the real world where the rest of us live.  You know, the world where its a free society?  Forget that one?  Hmmmmm you must work for Hockey Canada too.

The following was sent out by Hockey Canada last year:


Action Bulletin d’action

Bulletin No.: (insert #)

To: Directors

Member Presidents

Member Executive Directors

Council Chairs

Life Patrons

Hockey Canada Staff

Date: December 15, 2015

From: Joe Drago, Chair of the Board & Tom Renney, President



I. Overview

As the governing body of amateur hockey in Canada, Hockey Canada is committed to offering the best development programs in the world. Hockey Canada and our Member Branches have invested significant resources in the development of officials, coaches, administrators and players countrywide. We have a committed strategy toward a cohesive long term athlete development model and we feel our programs are second to none in sport.

Despite, or perhaps because of, our success in delivering quality programming throughout Canada, other organizations operating outside our structure form leagues from time to time that offer various levels of amateur hockey programming. These “non-sanctioned” organizations do not support the development of Hockey Canada or Branch programs.  Further, they operate with limited, or no consideration to the impact of their programs on minor, junior, senior, adult recreational hockey, officiating development, female hockey, coaching development or administrator development in Canada.  These Non-Sanctioned Leagues choose instead, in many instances, to utilize resources already developed by Hockey Canada and its Member Branches.  

Because these Non-Sanctioned Leagues operate outside of our structure, Hockey Canada has no way of ensuring that those Leagues implement many of the fundamental safeguards inherent in Hockey Canada programs. As a result, those Leagues may not be using the same Playing Rules that Hockey Canada has implemented to protect player safety, and may not provide adequate insurance for their participants.  We also cannot ensure that the quality of play in these Leagues matches the level advertised.

Hockey Canada respects the right of every individual to choose between participating in a Hockey Canada sanctioned league or a Non-Sanctioned League at the beginning of each hockey season. Every individual who makes the choice to Participate in a Non-Sanctioned League, however, must understand the ramifications of that choice, as described in greater detail in Section III of this Bulletin.

II. Definitions

Cut-Off Date” means September 30 of the hockey season in question.

League” means a Non-Sanctioned League.

Non-Sanctioned League” includes any amateur hockey league that operates in Canada outside the auspices/sanctioning of Hockey Canada.   This currently does not include summer hockey leagues/teams, adult recreational hockey leagues/teams, high school hockey, and/or hockey schools. 

Participate” means to engage, knowingly or otherwise, in an activity within a Non-Sanctioned League that could only be engaged in within Hockey Canada if the participant was properly registered on the Hockey Canada Registry. Such activity includes, without limitation, playing, managing, coaching, officiating, or acting as a trainer.

Participation” in a Non-Sanctioned League will be considered to have occurred if the individual takes part in one game (including an exhibition, tournament, league or playoff game) after the Cut-Off Date.

III. Consequences of Supporting or Participating in a Non-Sanctioned League

Any individual who Participates in a Non-Sanctioned League, or any minor hockey association which supports such a League, is subject to the following consequences: 

1.) Any individual who Participates in a Non-Sanctioned League after the Cut-Off Date will lose all privileges with Hockey Canada for the remainder of that season, and, subject to paragraph (3) below, may only apply for the reinstatement of those privileges after the end of that season.

2) Hockey Canada and its Member Branches across the country will make every effort to ensure that local minor hockey associations in areas where Non-Sanctioned Leagues exist are not supporting these Leagues in any manner whatsoever. For greater certainty, “supporting” includes, but is not limited to, assisting a Non-Sanctioned League directly or indirectly through advertisement, promotion, ticket sales, volunteer activities, assigning Officials, sharing resources or enabling such a League to participate in Hockey Canada sanctioned activities. We will withhold tournament sanctions and will preclude such associations from benefitting from any Hockey Canada/Branch/CHL/CJHL sanctioned event by whatever means necessary, including the withdrawal of any such event from any community within the geographic boundaries of that association if need be to stress this point.

3) Notwithstanding the consequences listed in paragraph 1), anyone who Participates in a Non Sanctioned League after the Cut-Off Date is entitled to seek early reinstatement of their privileges within Hockey Canada by appealing to Hockey Canada’s Non-Sanctioned Hockey Reinstatement Committee, which may grant early reinstatement if it is satisfied that special circumstances exist.

The consequences described in this section of this Bulletin will remain in effect even if the Non-Sanctioned League or team folds, or the Participant is released, suspended or fired from that League or team.

Just so we are clear, the donkeys who come up with this bullshit a paid a lot of money and they want to protect that income.  When anyone doesn’t pay them their membership fee’s they lose money.  So yeah, they got a financial interest in making sure everyone who eats cheeseburgers eats them only in their restaurant.

Yet, the major junior leagues are not sanctioned by Hockey Canada and players can move back and forth all year.  Yet, so many teams and programs in the US are not under Hockey Canada or USA Hockey and players can move back and forth at will.  High School hockey in Canada isn’t under Hockey Canada but they can move back and forth?

Lets all see these bullshit sanctions for what they are.  Insurance policies and employment opportunities for people and nothing more.

Hockey was played long before they came to power.  Maybe the governing bodies need to get involved in street hockey next?  Ball hockey?  Deck hockey?  The shinny game on my back yard rink?

Oh no, maybe my cousin is going to be blocked from playing this year because he played in our little in house summer league!  Shit, sorry Stephen, didn’t intend to screw your “status” I mean we were just trying to have fun.

Maybe if we all get down on our knee’s and kiss the asses of the powers that be you will be allowed to play the game you began playing in the back yard?!!!  Oh gee, I hope so because we didn’t have anyone watching over that neighborhood back yard league we had last winter.

This whole thing is a god damn embarrassment.  This isn’t an action of people caring about the game, this is people trying to protect their paychecks and nothing more.

But hey, we are here to grow the game, well that is only if it meets certain conditions that you have to pay us to have the privilege to learn.  Yep, lets keep all those arena’s losing money and closing up shop.  That certainly grows the game!  Lets keep new thoughts and innovations out of the building!  Cant do that or someone may figure out this is all a big scam.

Hey guys, we got ice for sale……

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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