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The Death Pool – Special Report – PEAC Academy Folds

Oh hell yeah kids, its not even the end of March and we got us a body on the floor!  Clean up on aisle seven, aisle seven folks is reserved for extremely wealthy people who in most cases don’t have kids that are worthy of high level hockey placement.  You can not enter aisle seven unless you have an American Express black card, or you are such a good athlete that the store wont take any money from you!

Gone is PEAC Academy.  Done.  Stick a fork in them and don’t look for a second helping.

I know, I know, how the hell could this happen right?  Yeah well its pretty simple kids.  When you don’t bring in enough cash to cover the bills, eventually it is going to catch up with you and put you out of business.  Hmmmmmm where have we heard this before? Ha Ha Ha

So yeah, PEAC or “Peak” is done because Blyth Academy stepped in and took it over before the Bankruptcy Court could dissolve it.  Well, they really didn’t take it over, they just went in and renegotiated the lease on the building and put it in their name.

Crazy I know, but hey, when payroll checks bounce and stuff like that you might just be able to step in and scoop up someone’s business.

Yeah, well, these private academies are just that “private”.  They are business operations that can be bought and sold like a Tim Hortons franchise.

See, the original owner of PEAC, was owed close to a Million bucks from the current owner.  Yes, a Million bucks!  In business terms that is peanuts.

It gets better though.

Before it went under, the employees, as in the teachers walked out, and an eviction notice was posted on the front door of the school!  Yes, just like its done in any deadbeat tenant case who is not paying their rent.

Call me crazy, but how the hell can anyone who runs a place like this that charges around fifty thousand bucks a year in tuition go out of business and not pay their bills?

Oh shit, sorry, I forgot about all the scholarships to athletes that otherwise wouldn’t go to a place like this.  Yeah, you know like free shit for special kids who could go anywhere else.  Like kids who wouldn’t be given a free ride by most institutions because they are conscious of their fiscal responsibility to the other students.

So, Connor McDavid’s alma mater is gone.  As well as the alma mater of many other high level athletes.  Then again, the last time I watched PEAC they weren’t all that high level anyway.

But hey, Blyth Academy stepped in and will now operate the school.  Ahhhhhh yes.  Capitalism is alive and well in Canada.  It is not the socialist utopia some would like to make it out to be.

So, don’t forget to bring your check books to the next parent – teachers meeting folks.  Those teachers may need some extra cash to buy groceries.

Oh yeah kids, its not even summer yet and shit is about to get good.  We already have multiple reports about teams not getting off the ground next year.  Mass expansion.  Mass stupidity.  And the masses all get to say they played “junior hockey” at the local shit show or “prep” school!  I love this stuff man.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening

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