The Death Pool – Special Report – Two OHL Players Embarrass All Of Junior Hockey

Hey kids, I know you’re surprised with me being back for a third time this week, but hey when you get some dumb ass players doing dumb ass things, I have to talk about it.

So, you’re a junior hockey player.  You’re in the public eye, and your life is basically being lived under a microscope.  You know that this is how its going to be when you elect to take your game to the next level.  You want to advance your career, and in turn advance your life, so you take the step of making the choice to become a public figure.

So why the hell are some of you being so damn stupid?  I mean really stupid.  Some of the stuff is so dumb that I don’t even write about it because it doesn’t even get me excited about writing.

But in todays age, when all these athletes are in the news for stupid choices, you would think some of you would be just a little bit more careful with what you do and say on line.

Yep, pretty much every team and league has a social media policy.  Every scout checks players social media accounts.  Some of you have so many followers that other people don’t have to follow you to get your news.  Yep, its the instant age of information.

So why the hell would any of you put stuff out there that could get you into trouble?  Yeah, like Jake Marchment, captain of the OHL Belleville Bulls, and runner up idiot Greg Betzold.

How about putting this out on social media to some women?

Marchment:  “I hate when dirt balls try and be hard to get like you’re a dirt ball just sleep with me”

And when he get shot down by the girl, what does he say?

“Babe I play in the O and got drafted to the NHL ya I get turned down so much … Lolz you ugly cunt”

Classy kid, very classy.  It would be awesome if this girl has a brother that plays in the O too and just happens to pound the crap out of you before seasons end.

Greg Betzold is right there with Marchment though:

“Trust me I know what kid of girl you are”

When the girl ask for an explanation……..

“A pure bread dumb stupid cunt”

When the girl makes a response about how smart she is, this idiot goes even further….

“Wow your mommy and daddy must be so proud and yeah let me know how much money your making after your uni (university)…And taking dick for a living”

You’re kidding right guys?  You two must be unbelievably stupid individuals.  In fact you two are probably so stupid we are going to come up with an award in your honor, and you will actually think its cool.

Your parents must be so proud for having raised such well mannered, and polite young men.  They must be bragging this morning about your ability to spell the word cunt, and your ability to distinguish yourselves on an international level for stupidity.  I am sure your mommy and daddy are putting these conversations on the refrigerator with all your other great work.

I wonder if Jake Marchment realizes he was a 6th round NHL draft pick and not a 1st round pick, and that his odds of ever seeing an NHL game are pretty slim.

I wonder if the undrafted Greg Betzold realizes his opportunity to get to the NHL as a free agent undrafted player just got a little smaller.

Yep, the NHL wants players like you.  Players who know there is a social media policy, players who have been warned repeatedly about this type of thing, and players who clearly cant listen and learn.

I wonder if either of these idiots have a sister?

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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