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The Death Pool – The GMHL West Sets New Lows With Bus Windows Being Shot At

Yes, the GMHL West is at it again. This time, its a new song and dance though. During a playoff series between the Edson Eagles and the High Prairie Red Wings, not only were there fights on the ice, fans and parents getting absolutely crazy throwing beer cans at players on the ice, but someone shot at the visiting teams bus windows.

Literally within minutes of what appears to be an absolute gong show, we were getting Facebook and email messages from the scene. In a since removed Facebook post, one parent, colorfully described the situation like this:

Holla fakkk talk about over reacting 🤬 Seriously Im so shook and fucken angry and dam rites im putting them on blast!! Eagles played High Prairie and during the game a brawl breaks out on the ice. Like hockey games do. From what my son told me, apparently the high prairie fans try to get involved by throwing beer cans and also try to attack my son and the other boys on the bench. Then they try to jump them when they are getting off the ice!!! They were getting ready to leave the arena when someone came to tell them to hurry and get out cause someone jst shot at the bus!! They were told to run fast and stay low!!😳 The bus driver was the only one on the bus when that happened and he is ok, the boys raced to the bus and stayed low in the seats till they got safely out of town!!! like WTF 😡 this is Not Hockey!! As a parent that invested lots of time and money for there son to play in this league, to have the hockey experience of a lifetime should not Ever Ever have to even worry about shit like this!! High Prairie needs to be consequenced for this!!! Charges should be layed… give them a 2 yr suspension or maybe jst ban them from league. Dnt fucken brush this under the rug nope fuck that not when they are getting shot at!!! oh and the police didn’t show up till they were pulling out of the parking lot, the bus didn’t stop they kept going. Omg im jst a ball of nerves🤬 My son and the boys were shook so bad, but they are calming down now!! Omg I can jst cry jst thinking of how traumatic this must have been for them!! Holla shit like who the hell shoots at a bus over a hockey game?? Why are High Prairie Fans getting mad, and being so dramatic when they are winning? You guys jst look fucken stupid on so many levels. I’m a parent that puts trusts in  every arena my son plays in and I trust all the coaches and coaching staff that I assume follow the policies that protect all players in every arena. That’s why policies are in place. Fuck I wish I went to the game!!! I Jst hope there is videos posted to show how stupid they fucken look!! This was Not the call I wanted to get at all from my son, however I’m soooo greatful the creator was watching over the eagles Team 🙏🏽🦅

Reports now coming out that when the bus windows were shot at, reportedly breaking the window glass, team officials were claiming a BB or pellet gun was to blame. Sources are now saying that it was not one of those small weapons and that it was likely a real gun that was used.

The RCMP are now investigating all of the alleged “incidents”.

The Edson Eagles coincidentally are owned by “hockey business genius” Derek Prue. Though High Prairie Red Wings President Kevin Hopfner made the following statement, it is believed that Prue also owns at least part of High Prairie.

This ladies and gentlemen is the GMHL West. Observe, absorb, and digest before ever allowing your son to get involved in what is an absolute disaster from top to bottom. These are not isolated incidents, these are examples of the systemic disfunction within what many describe as an organized racket.

Prue, based on our reporting, and all of the reader tips and information, is now subject to multiple investigative reporting actions with local press agencies. We are also aware of multiple police reports being made regarding tuition paid to Prue organizations with claims of those funds being kept when the players did not play any games or received anything of value from the organizations.

The GMHL has recently created guidelines and rules regarding mandatory refunds for players in these situations and those within the GMHL have informed TJHN that those rules were enacted in direct response to these allegations being made against Prue.

Ken Girard GMHL Commissioner is rumored to be running low on his tolerance for all things Derek Prue related. Team owners in Eastern Canada have grown very tired of the attention Prue attracts to their business operations and how it “devalues” their franchises.

One would have to believe that at some point, the GMHL is going to have to do something about the GMHL West. What that is, is anyone’s guess.

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