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The Death Pool – The Worst Team In North America – We Have A Winner

Competition. Every player wants good competition, and every organization looks to have good competition. Um yeah, well every organization should look to have good competition, some organizations can never get it right no matter what they try.

The competition for the “Worst Team In North America” title was fierce. We had nominations coming in from all points of the United States and Canada. The comments provided by parents, fans and even players who nominated their own teams were amazing. Yes, players nominated their own organizations and their reasons all had one common theme, incompetent leadership.

With more then four thousand people voting over the last week though, we had a clear winner.

Garnering 39% of all voting with 1611 votes, the illustrious, wildly consistent from year to year, and infamously bad Mid Cities Jr. Stars have been voted the “Worst Team In North America”.

This win, coupled with their two wins on the ice this season now gives the Md Cities Jr Stars three wins on the season. This is quite an accomplishment because they only got their second win on the ice this year yesterday, so technically they are now on a two day win streak.

It is not surprising that the Stars won this award. They were also the most nominated team during the nomination process.

Coming in second place was the GMHL West Burns Lake Timbermen with 1040 votes. So, unfortunately this joke of an organization can add another loss to their season total. Predictable though because the GMHL West really can’t beat anyone at anything except maybe a race to a bank to deposit a tuition check.

In a distant third place finish with 680 votes we have the CAJHL’s Barrhead Bombers. Nothing says success like a negative 263 goal differential and one win on the season. The league may give you a participation trophy but we wont.

In fourth place the GMHL West’s gibbons Pioneers finished with 536 votes. Losing is a habit boys. Might be time to kick the habit and go play in a real league eh?

In last place, making them the best of the worst, or worst of the worst, or maybe the not so bad of the bad, is the NA3HL’s Bay State Bobcats with only 265 votes. Depending on how team ownership spins this news, they could be considered winners here.

We would like to thank everyone who voted, and everyone who nominated teams. But most of all we would like to thank all of these teams for stinking up their barns so badly that we could create this fun poll. Without your bad recruiting, coaching and mismanagement, all these fans, parents and players wouldn’t get to enjoy this project.

The Mid Cities Jr. Stars Ownership and Management will be receiving some beautiful new Death Pool swag announcing their Championship as the “Worst Team In North America”. Come back next year and lets see if they can repeat.

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