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The Death Pool – USACHL Down To Two Teams With Life Expectancy Counted In Hours

Yeah, we said it here.  We told everyone this was going to be a disaster.  We warned everyone that there wasn’t enough money, or enough experience behind the USACHL to make it work.

When you try to replicate something that was already proven to be a financial failure once, and you do it with less money the second time the failure is probably going to come sooner and be bigger than the last time.

See Bill Davidson is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the wealthy man that Horn Chen was.  Horn Chen was a business leader, an entrepreneur, and an innovator.  Bill Davidson is not even close to that level.

Lets look at the USACHL beginning.  It was originally the C1HL.  Then with more of the old Central Hockey League boys getting in, it was rebranded the USACHL.  Bad ideas 1 and 2 right there because both names suck.  Names are important in branding you donkeys.

Bad idea 3 was having any of the CHL people involved, including Bill Davidson.  The CHL folded.  Remember?!?!

Bigger bad idea was having Rick Kozuback leading this thing with Davidson.  Kozuback was directly involved with mass arena construction and failures of those arenas while building the CHL the first time.  Any of those cities remember the financial devastation the CHL left behind?  Yeah, some did because they turn this stupid idea down when they were looking for buildings.

Sure, some of the people this league sucked in were good guys.  Some people even had a little experience at running small junior teams.  Not one person had any experience running a free to play junior league!

WTF were the cities that let these begin operations thinking?  They were thinking they would get a little money before it blew up and then they would blame it blowing up on the group of donkeys they approved to come in.  Publicly they walk away with nothing but a little bad press.  But they don’t get the blame even though they deserve much of it.

This disaster should have never gotten off the ground.

Parents who believed in this bullshit should have their heads examined.  There was plenty of information out there to make sure you didn’t have your hearts broken.  Now what?  Your kid is left going to some shit Tier III team that cant compete because that’s where he should have been in the first place?!?!

And now the USACHL is down to two teams.

They are saying they will fill a schedule with “national teams” to come and play?  Who is going to travel to Texas to play these teams?  No one with a real governing body is traveling to Texas to play in an unsanctioned league.  No countries with European players who never paid their IIHF transfer fee’s to play in this shit show is going to allow their “national team” to come and play.

Yes, the Mexican National Team can come.  Fantastic.  How many times is that going to happen?

But Bill Davidson cant just pull the plug or he gets sued.  He has to go down with the ship and continue to blame everyone else.  Where is that Rick Kozuback these days anyway?  Did he jump ship with the rest of the rats when it started taking on water?

Maybe we get one more story out of this shit show.  But for all intents and purposes this this is done.  Picking bodies up daily.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I Salute You!
*The Death Pool is a mix of Comedy, and Satire in connection with recent events. It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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