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The Death Pool – Video Proof Of The GMHL West Shit Show

Ummmmmmm yeah, so the first rule of social media is never put anything out on social media that you might later regret. You know, things like statements that could come back to embarrass you later, or statements that prove things that other people accuse you of, or otherwise completely moronic statements that expose just how much of a joke of an organization you are involved with.

The GMHL West like the GMHL has completely missed all of the classes on Social Media Management 101, and they clearly have never taken a business management or marketing class.

Allow me to present Lauren Barr. Ms. Barr is the “President” of three teams in the GMHL west. Yes, three teams, you read that correctly.

Ms. Barr recently released these two videos and then later removed them. Fortunately for TJHN, we have multiple readers and hockey fan’s updating us on this walking zombie of a league. Please enjoy:

Passenger with no seat belt in the back?

I have to be honest. This woman is genuinely working her ass off to try to make these teams happen, or at least it looks that way.

This is an admission of what an absolute disaster the GMHL West really is. This is video proof of the very things and reasons why no player should ever play for the GMHL West. This is a disaster.

Players from other teams having to come and play? Then there are still only 15 players combined for the two teams allegedly playing a “game”? Really?

The one player plays one game and has three points and then retires? Players walking off of the benches? Team gear not there?

This woman and her “partners” are now talking about taking over a “semi pro” team in Sweden next year. Where the hell are her “partners” with some simple pizza’s for a post “game” meal for the opposing team? Where are her “partners” when it comes to recruiting players?

If you are not scratching your head wondering how this woman gets put into this position of absolute disaster, then you are just as stupid as the people who facilitate these things. The answer is Mr. Derek Prue.

Mr. Prue is the executive in charge of this shit show GMHL West. Mr. Prue is also the chief idiot who put Ms. Barr, his girlfriend or former girlfriend depending on who you ask, in this embarrassing and completely untenable situation. Yes, nothing says love like “hey babe here is a shit show hockey team, make it work and you can make some money, if it doesn’t work, oh well, it won’t affect me”. Good Luck with that.

On top of these fiasco’s in these video’s, Burns Lake, another Derek Prue concoction, cancelled games this weekend. I wonder if it was because they are 0 and 4, giving up 9 goals per game, and could not beat a decent U18 AA team. Oh yeah, sorry, the GMHL West is really just about Midget A level across the board and should never be called junior hockey.

Now, any of you parents and players who are dumb enough to fall for this league, you deserve all the problems that you will have.

Suggestion to Ms. Barr who is a pretty steady reader, run like hell while you can. Get away from this disaster before you end up being the face of the failure.

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