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The Death Pool – Worst Team In Junior Hockey – Eight Days Left To Vote

With only eight days of voting left in the 2023-2024 Worst Team In Junior Hockey contest, we want to make sure the peoples opinion is heard. With more than six thousand votes cast already, there are a few pretty pupular teams in this contest. Only seventeen votes separate the first and second place teams.

Make sure to voice your opinion on who is the number one, wait a minute, how can you be the number one but worst team? Never mind, at least one team will be the best at something this year.

Our finalists for the 2023-2024 season are;

  1. The Yellowstone Quake; When you wanted to watch bad hockey, bad coaching and terrible management come together in one place, you had the NA3HL’s Yellowstone Quake. From having only one set of jerseys, to trying to charge families more money after they quit because of how poorly the team was operated, this was like watching a pile of Bear crap roll down hill and pick up speed. Not only were they mismanaged, but they didnt win a game all year! That minus 268 goal differential has to be some kind of record if anyone is keeping track of those. Giving credit where it is due, Yellowstone is clearly leading the world in how to lose games and demoralize players.
  2. The Minnesota Loons; Just when you thought minus 268 goal differential would set a record, you get the Minnesota Loons breaking through with minus 288! The coach of course has been blaming the players for poor performance instead of blaming himself for terrible coaching and recruiting. The NA3HL is definitely all about development. I am sure we will see a bunch of these players and the coach moving up shortly.
  3. The Vulcan Rampage; What can you say about a team that doesnt play a full schedule, and then doesnt have enough players to play its final two games, all while running through a town not paying its bills, and screwing over the locasl? The hockey genius Derek Prue thought he was stealing a team from the CAJHL, when in fact all he got was a Gong Show group of owners, coaches and players. Then again, why would anyone expect different? One and done for the Rampage as they get kicked out of their arena and run out of town?Leadership in this NJHL says everything.
  4. Brooklyn Aviators; What happens when you dont take care of the head coach who has recruited winning teams for years? He leaves and then goes on to win the league championship in his first season with his new team. Then you go 1-42-1 on the year, and reset the record for goal differential at a minus 321. Lesson learned that coaches are pretty important to team success.

Make sure to get your vote in. Voting will close at midnight on April 30th.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which Team Is The Worst In North America For 2024

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