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The Death Pool – Worst Team In North America Last Day Of Voting

After weeks of nominations, the voting is now open for the Worst Team In North America. The teams listed all received multiple and in some cases dozens of nominations as to why they are in fact terrible.

Please make sure to vote. The winning team, um the “worst” team will be sent some new Death Pool swag for our store launching this week. Some nice T-shirts saying they “won”;

The worst team in North America….Its the only thing we won all year!

The Barrhead Bombers post a record of 1-31-1 with a goal differential of minus 244! Nothing screams success more than a negative 244 goals against.

The Bay State Bobcats post a record of 3-37-1 with a goal differential of minus 143! But when looking at quality, nothing stands out more than their current 0-25-1 losing streak.

The Burns Lake Timbermen post a record of 3-18 with a goal differential of minus 79! When your three wins come against one team that no longer exists, and another team that received nominations for this contest, quality program is not a phrase that comes to mind.

The Gibbons Pioneers post a record 3-36-1 with a goal differential of minus 253! Giving up an average of nine goals per game is quite an accomplishment, but to do it for a second year in a row makes a real statement as to quality coaching!

The Mid Cities Jr. Stars post a record of 1-40-0 with a goal differential of minus 242! The NA3HL perennial cellar dweller is on an 0-27 losing streak. These Stars are shining brightly in North America.

Make sure to get your vote in and tell your friends. We wouldn’t want to have the wrong team earn such a prestigious award undeservedly.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which Team Is The Worst In North America For 2023

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