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The HTM Difference – Commitments Without Tryout Camps

Hockey Talent Management, the gold standard in player adviser services, prepares players all season long to take the next step the following season.

Working through contacts, arranging scouting, arranging for players to skate with higher level teams all season long helps to create pathways for players to move up in the following season. All without wasting time and money on pre-draft, open or identification camps.

When you are ready to stop following the heard, that is when you regain control of your career. If everyone who does these camps was successful, there would be hundreds more high level junior hockey teams. So, if less than one in two hundred players is successful, why would you continue to do what they do?

There are a lot of “advisers” out there sending players to pre draft, open, and identification camps. Thats not what an adviser does, thats what a travel agent is for.

On average HTM saves each client $12,000 each summer by not paying camp fees, transpotation, and hotel costs for camps. More importantly, each client saves an average of four weeks training time each summer by not traveling to camps, improving their strength and helping them grow bigger, faster and stronger. More than paying for ourselves, our methods and resources achieve results.

Last off season, every client had their commitment to play before July first. Not one player had to attend a pre draft, open, or identification camp. Every client was presented with at least one opportunity to play at a higher level than they did the prior season. This season we are well on our way to achieving those same results with every client.

Whether it is AAA, junior, college or pro hockey placement you are looking for, Hockey Talent Management has you covered.

When you want to stop wasting time, and money on the summer camp circus contact Hockey Talent Management

https://hockeytalentmanagement.com and [email protected]

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