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Tier III Moves In The Mid West – Its Going To Get Interesting

The rumor mills in the Mid West had died down for a little bit over the last few weeks as far as team moves, and league expansion was concerned.  That heated up again over the weekend.

The Marquette Royales that were allegedly approved to join the Mid West Junior Hockey League under the leadership of Mike Stananway may not be sold on the MWJHL.  Multiple sources are confirming that Coach Stanaway, and Kevin Shupenia Head Coach of the Minnesota Junior Hockey Leagues Fort Wayne Federals are looking to move the Federals to Marquette and stay in the MNJHL. 

The Federals being relocated to Marquette is one made out of necessity as well as desire. 

The Flint Jr. Generals of the NA3HL are on the verge of being sold, or have been sold to a group out of Fort Wayne that wants to move the team to Fort Wayne.  This is the same Fort Wayne group that developed the Federals.

A letter has allegedly been sent to USA Hockey from Shupenia that would allow for the NA3HL to move into Fort Wayne as long as the MNJHL franchise is allowed to move to Marquette under the Marquette Royales name. The website is up, but incomplete 

If the Federals were to move to Marquette, many feel it would be a wise move for the MNJHL.  Marquette would provide a bridge to the Wisonsin based teams to the Michigan teams, and improved college scouting opportunity with exposure to thre NCAA programs in the Upper Penninsula.

The question to be answered is, will USA Hockey and the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association approve the move?  An answer is expected on this proposed move shortly.

In other news, rumors are begining to pick up on another “new league” forming in the Mid West.  While details are sketchy, there would appear to be some money behind the effort.  We are looking for more information on this story.

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