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TJHN Showcase Series – Player Profile Publication & update

January 18, 2023 will see the publication of player profiles begin for those players attending The Junior Hockey News Showcase Series.

This additional player exposure on TJHN is exclusive for those players attending the Showcase Series. No other event can offer this kind of exposure to scouts prior to the event taking place, which gets you on the scouting map now, instead of months from now.

The Junior Hockey News Showcase series is pleased to announce that our new PointStreak website and registration system is operational and being updated daily with new information.  To Register visit http://jhseries.com

CaptainU Profile registration is now available at no charge.  CaptainU will be providing full player profiles to all scouts attending.  Please visit this CaptainU using The Junior Hockey News link so that your profile is available to scouts attending using this link. CaptainU and TJHN 

CaptainU is how colleges find the next great athletes in the digital era. Over 3 Million athletes have used it to follow their dream of playing in college.

January is the last month of our fundraising campaign for Ukraine hockey players.  Fifty dollars of each registration will go toward purchasing equipment for those players who have lost their equipment or been displaced due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Once registered you will receive contact from TeamInn regarding hotel accommodations.

Look for more announcements in the coming weeks as more partnerships are finalized.

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