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USA Hockey Junior Council Summer Mettings

While USA Hockey as a whole group has a lot of work on its hands, there will no harder working group than the junior council. 

TJHN requested copies of all rule proposals from USA Hockey, USA Hockey failed to provide those documents.  Until recently USA Hockey published all rule proposals for public review and comment on line.  That publication has been discontinued as of last fall.  While we have received several emails about this, we suggest all people wanting to know what is going on email USA Hockey officials directly.

Expected to take place are final decisions on the following team and league issues:

USPHL Sanctioning

EJHL – AJHL Merger

Metropolitan league absorbing teams

Minnesota League expansion in the Great Lakes division

Also expected to take place is an election of new officers and the implimentation of a new Junior Council structure proposed last year.  This new structure would take real voting power out of the hands of current team owners and into the hands of a few elected representatives.

TJHN will update this story as the meetings continue.

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