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USA Hockey Responds To Denis Barrette Sex Charges

USA Hockey is often criticized for moving too slowly or not being progressive enough in their thinking.  Right or wrong they are usually a very methodically moving governing body.

That can not be said about the USA Hockey reaction to the arrest of Denis Barrette last week on charged he abused two children.

Immediately following the reporting of the arrests, USA Hockey and the Massachusetts affiliate of USA Hockey issued a summary suspension to Barrette from his job as the Head Coach of the Valley Junior Warriors . He is effectively banned from all games, practices, team activities and league activities in Massachusetts and throughout the rest of the country.

The summary suspension was issued due to Barrette being released on bond.  A condition of that bond was that he would not be allowed to coach children under 16.  In his position he would have still been allowed to coach those junior players under conditions of bond.

Because the allegations concern children, are considered violent, and are sexual in nature, USA Hockey and Massachusetts Hockey had to take immediate action or be in violation of their own safe sport policies.

TJHN will update this story as it develops.

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