Video Scouting Up 900% In First Quarter Of 2021 – Central Scouting Services

With the COVID pandemic, players and scouts had to learn how to adjust to a brand new way of recruiting and marketing their talents.

Video scouting, while used in the past to confirm what scouts saw in person, has become the primary way scouts are now recruiting for next season. It has also become the primary way that smart players are getting their information in front of decision makers.

With borders closed, limits on attendance, dead recruiting times for the NCAA and travel restrictions in place throughout North America, players have gotten wise to taking advantage of their free player profiles on the Central Scouting Services player database.

With unlimited player video uploads, and unlimited storage of videos, photos, and PDF documents within the player profile, usage of the player database by scouts has risen steadily in the last twelve months. A spike was seen in the first quarter of 2021 as a 900% increase in video usage from players and scouts has been found!

It really is a pretty simple process. Players register their profiles for free. They manage their own information for free, and scouts go through and search profiles. It really is that simple.

Anyone who doesn’t have, or isn’t using an absolutely FREE for the player database with these scouting capabilities is simply not prepared for the future.

While we all expect to return to some sense of normalcy with the 2021-2022 season, one thing that will not go back to being a second thought is video scouting.

With hockey budgets being cut, video scouting will continue to be a vital tool for all scouts at every level. Which makes it a vital tool for all players.

The easiest way to be found is to make sure your information can be found. The best way to ensure your information can be found is to ensure that you are storing your information where the other players store their information.

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