Americans Playing Friendly Games In Europe

After three delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a team made up of American players arrived in Poland on Friday to play a series of friendly games against Polish U-20 teams.

Getting on the ice in a team and competitive environment was what these players were looking for after months of quarantine, and two hours after landing in Krakow they were back on the ice.

Lead by USPHL Premier Head Coach Zac Pearson the touring team is set to play against three teams in Poland for a total of five games over the eight day trip.

Also included in the tour are visits and information to historically significant sights.

The team is housed in the Kazimierz district, also known as the Jewish Quarter in Krakow. This district became well known to the general public through the film “Schindlers List”.

The team will be taking a tour of Schindlers Factory where the actual events in the film took place.

Several players on this tour team made the trip not just for the competition, but to explore their ancestors culture.

Bookings for future tours will be announced on TJHN in the next few weeks.