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An Advisers Life – Are You Going To Make It Happen?

Are you going to make it happen? This season or next, are you prepared to really make it happen?

What is “it”?

“It” is the goal you set out for yourself this season, last season, every season you have been playing and setting goals. “It” is what you talk about wanting, and what you are not achieving.

99% of players are talking about goals and where they are going and only 1% are actually doing the work to reach their goals and achieving them. This is a fact. This is life. Some people “talk” and some people “do”.

The people that “do” are the people who practice the uncommon things. They sacrifice. They really work hard. They listen more than they speak. They seek higher opportunities and new paths to reach those opportunities.

I hear a lot of players talking every day. Literally. I speak to potential new clients at least once or twice a day. Every day I hear players and parents “talk” about getting to the next level, talk about making their dreams come true.

Unfortunately nearly every one of those conversations has one particular thing in common.

When the uncomfortable suggestion is made that would require the player and parent to do something different in how they are approaching making their dreams come true, they resist.

It’s easy to talk about making a dream come true, and much harder to actually do what it takes to make a dream come true. The uncomfortable, and the uncommon is the way to achieve the dream.

How many of you reading are Tier III players still waiting for the “call up” to Tier II? How many of you are AAA players talking about the “draft” or Tier II “tenders”? How many of you are talking about playing NCAA hockey?

Now, how many of you are doing more than the guy next to you in order to achieve those goals?

How many of you are willing to do the uncommon, the uncomfortable things that must be done in order to achieve the uncommon dream successfuly?

How many of you are willing to stop doing what you have always done, that has proven to not be successful?

At the end of January if you don’t have a plan for next season, or a plan on how you are going to reach the next step in your ultimate goal, then you are a player who will not have success.

If you cant deal with reading that hard truth, then you are not ready for success. Success isn’t easy, and it is full of hard truths. If you are not prepared for dealing with adversity, then you may as well start playing checkers because high level hockey isn’t the game for you.

So, I ask you again; Are you going to make it happen?

When you are ready to make it happen and do the uncommon, I will enjoy that uncommon phone call.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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