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An Advisers Life – Brothers Beat The Odds To Make NCAA D-1

Thousands of players are searching for an NCAA D-1 commitment. There are hundreds of thousands more who are just beginning their search for NCAA commitments across North America.

The odds on making an NCAA D-1 commitment? About four percent of all high school age student athletes will make NCAA D-1 commitments. That four percent includes all the athletes playing football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and every other NCAA sport.

Thats it. Only four percent. Less than one percent of all male student athlete hockey players will make an NCAA D-1 commitment. Those odds are enormous.

When clients make an NCAA D-1 commitment it is a big deal. There is a celebration of years of hard work and arriving at the goal. Years of work are put into making these commitments.

Never before, in nearly thirty years of working with families have I had the pleasure of seeing brothers make NCAA commitments. One an incredibly fast hard shooting forward and the other an incredibly intelligent smooth skating defenseman. Their paths were a little different, though their methods on how they worked their plans were very similar.

Joe Sofo was an unknown commodity to NCAA D-1 programs until his final junior season when he exploded with points after three seasons in the NAHL.

Jase Sofo on the other hand has been garnering attention the last few seasons from NCAA programs based on his steady development.

Both of these players train in ways that few players are willing to sacrifice to do. Time in the gym and on the ice in the off season is where gains have been made over the years.

Careful selections of where to invest their efforts in order to achieve maximum results, and the patience to work the plan are qualities that have set them apart from many of their peers.

The odds-on brothers each making an NCAA commitment at the D-1 level in the same sport? A few million to one. The odds of a younger brother committing to the older brother’s alma Mater a year after the older brother graduates? A few more million to one.

Planning. Sacrifice. Patience. Effort. These four pillars are what you build your NCAA goals upon. These four basic pillars are exactly what all student athletes regardless of sport have in common.

You cannot rush the process. You cannot short cut the effort. You cannot make things happen more quickly than they are meant to happen. You cannot receive without first giving.

When you are ready to implement the four pillars of success, I will look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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