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An Advisers Life – Checking References

If you are looking to hire an adviser, the one thing you definitely need to do is check references. And make sure they are following the rules.

See a lot of names on a website listing them as clients?  Not only is that an NCAA violation, but you need to be able to check on the accuracy of those client claims.

Why is it an NCAA violation for an adviser to publicize his clients or former clients who are still amateurs?  Simple.  Lists of amateur players on an adviser website look as though the amateur player is endorsing the advisers services.  Amateur athletes lose all NCAA standing when they “endorse” any product or service.

Many advisers, or those calling themselves advisers do not understand that one simple rule.  Its easy to find the rule in the NCAA handbook too.

Why some advisers do this is because the NCAA can not punish them for breaking the rules.  Only you are responsible for how your name, and likeness are used.  You are responsible to make sure your adviser isn’t using you to profit from.

So, when checking references, you will be calling on players who the adviser currently represents or represented in the past.  That requires that the adviser get permission from that client to release the contact information to you.  A general list should never be at the ready.

You want to check references of players who have been clients for one or more complete years only.  Anything less than one year does not give you a picture of the success ratio the adviser has in placing players.

Preferably the adviser will have references from 2, 3 or 4 years of work with certain clients.  That shows that clients want to stay with the adviser because of success and a high service level.

Make sure you higher someone with high levels of success, as well as high levels of service.  Anything less, and it is buyer beware.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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