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An Advisers Life – Choose The Program That Fits Your Future Not Your Past

Change. Change is always difficult. Even when it is positive change there is always some difficulty adjusting to one thing or another.

Chances make Champions. This is a saying I have used regularly for years with players, parents, and family. Its a true statement. If you look at every success story in hockey, somewhere within that story, someone took a chance and it directly impacted the final results.

I got several calls over the weekend concerning my thoughts on Tier 3 and AAA. Several more emails on those thoughts as well. All of these make one thing perfectly clear.

Parents and players are afraid of making the wrong decision and taking big chances. This fear, will always hold them back from becoming the best athlete they can be.

One parent asked me about switching from Tier 3 to AAA. He said the Tier 3 coach told him that if he didn’t sign and come back that he would keep his son from being looked at by Tier II teams! And this is not uncommon.

Some news for you. No Tier II coach in the world is going to listen to a Tier 3 coach who criticizes a player for leaving Tier 3 for AAA. No Tier II coach is going to recommend you play Tier 3 over AAA either unless he has a responsibility to fill a Tier 3 team roster that his ownership also owns!

Yes. AAA is more expensive in most cases. Its also the most successful development ground for Tier I and II teams.

If you spend a few thousand more per year to get better development and more exposure to scouts, you also have a better opportunity to be moved on to the next level.

If you spend less for less scouting opportunity I can almost guarantee that you will get less college interest and less scholarship money when you actually get an NCAA offer.

18, 19 or 20 with no AAA options or Tier II options, then sign with a good Tier 3 program and enjoy the season. But if you have AAA options available, its an easy decision to make.

I have another saying……..

Prospects play AAA. Projects play Tier 3. Do you want to be a prospect or a project?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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