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The Death Pool – WPHA/GMHL Already Creating Problems Out West

WOW. I love this word for so many reasons. Its such a great word and can be used in so many situations. Some where its because of amazement in accomplishment, or shock in a positive action, or just plain old “WOW” as in that is some head shaking stupidity right there.

Yep. The WPHA/GMHL are once again creating head shaking WOW news as the shit show train moves across Canada.

After owing the City of Cold Lake Alberta more than 20 thousand dollars in ice bills, and only god knows how much more money to other local business operators, the WPHA/GMHL wants another shot with the city!

What’s really “WOW” is that the WSHL, the real sanctioned and well run league with a history of developing players, has already signed a multi year lease with the City of Cold Lake Alberta.

I wonder which team the City residents will support? The one who just screwed them last year? Or maybe the one who has a proven track record of actually paying its bills?

Give the City Managers credit though. They leveraged the lease signing with the WSHL into forcing the WPHA to pay the 20 thousand in order to try to come back the following season. At least these City employees understand the business. Good on you!

Oh, and before I forget, the WSHL also snatched up a couple of the other WPHA markets. Well not just a couple, how about all of last years WPHA markets? What does that tell you about the WPHA/GMHL?

Tells me that when you cant keep the markets you have and you are trying to tell some story about how it was too expensive to stay in the WSHL, that you are really just full of shit.

But, the WPHA/GMHL clearly have a strategy now. They are looking to First Nations people and properties for expansion. Its a tactic long used by the GMHL in Ontario.

The term “used” is specific to this tactic because it is nothing but “using” these people for their money. Many may be surprised to hear that many First Nations governments pay for their children to play hockey. And these “junior teams” line up for the cash!

But hey, its all good in business right? Of course, in the WPHA/GMHL its all about the kids!!! Right?!?!?!

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