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An Advisers Life – Consistency Is The Difference Maker

A lot of people make plans, and most of them have no idea how to accomplish them. Consistency is the key to success. Good habits and sticking to them no matter what will be what separates you from all the others.

Personally, I am up and working by 5 am every day. Work until 7:30. Gym before 8 am. Home by 10 work till 12. Take a walk then work until 6 pm take a break until 10 pm work to 11 pm. Repeat every day. Awake before my competition, and work longer and more effectively than my competition while still taking care of my health.

If I were playing, and I wanted to get faster on my skates, I would be doing lots of leg work in the gym, speed ladder, and sprints. An occasional longer 5K run for endurance. I would do it consistently twice a week or more throughout the summer, and nothing would deter me for this.

Habits and consistently doing what needs to be done regardless of the other opportunities to avoid the needed activity are what make people successful.

Sleeping in is for losers. Skipping gym or planned training to go to the beach is for people who are not serious about becoming successful hockey players. Eating McDonalds every week is for people who are not serious athletes. Staying up late at night playing video games when you body should be resting is not what serious athletes are doing. Partying every weekend is not what serious athletes are doing.

Action is what will get you ahead. Working harder than the competition is the only way to beat the competition. Working hard is a habit that you can create.

When the coaches last off season told you that you need to get bigger, faster and stronger, what did you do to accomplish those things? Did you spend the entire summer going from camp to camp and showcase to showcase, or did you get your shit together and actually work?

Do you think you can get bigger, faster, stronger, by chasing camps and showcases every weekend? Then going home and taking a day or two off to recover, then working out for two days before the next camp or showcase? This is what so many players do and it shows at the end of the summer when they are not bigger, faster or stronger.

Consistency. Commitment to a plan. This is the only way. It always has been the only way, not just in hockey but in business and in life.

There is a difference between a Hockey Player and someone who plays hockey. If you don’t know the difference then you are someone who plays hockey. If you want to be a real Hockey Player, you must commit to consistently working hard.

“Yeah Coach I did a speed ladder once a week all summer.” Summer being twelve weeks, a speed ladder done 12 times is not a commitment to increased foot speed. That is a punchline to a bad joke.

“Yeah Coach I worked hard on sprints every Tuesday all summer.” That is not a commitment to developing explosive power.

Success, and good habits create more good habits. Consistency creates self discipline. Self discipline creates success stories.

When you commit to being consistent, you are ready to reach the next level. When you are ready for that, I look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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