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An Advisers Life – Not Drafted? Whats next?

The drafts are over. A few hundred players were taken in the USHL, NCDC and NAHL draft. That’s it. Just a few hundred in the entire world were drafted.

Think about that for a second. A few hundred players out of a few hundred thousand that were eligible to be drafted. It is like winning the lottery if you actually get drafted.

So if you need to win the lottery to get drafted, why are so many of you completely crushed that you weren’t picked? Why are so many of you so completely unprepared for not getting picked?

Anyone who actually believed that attending all of those team pre draft camps would get them drafted is in need of an intervention.

Now, a few days after the last draft has ended, what are you going to do? Continue to complain? Continue to chase more “open” camps?

Or, will you now, start to listen? In this case, pay attention to what you are reading here.

Sign. If you are eligible to play AAA and have a AAA offer. Take it. Spend the summer training and getting stronger in the gym. This is what the top players who did actually get drafted will do this summer.

Sign. If you are out of AAA eligibility and you have a good pay to play offer. Take it. Stop playing games and chasing the summer camps. Spend the rest of the summer preparing for the season so you are ready to move up next year.

Don’t fall for the “call up” recruiting pitch. Its not going to happen, you’re not getting called up unless you are the absolute best player on your team or in the league.

Focus on where you will play and be the best there. Then when you are ready it will happen for you. This is what the players who were drafted did last year.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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