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An Advisers Life – Repeating The Old Way Will Not Create New Opportunity

As we get ready to turn the corner into July, we are entering crunch time for securing roster spots. Main camps are beginning and final lists are being made.

So, when you are looking to elevate your game this year, why are you repeating the same things you have done in the past that did not produce the desired results? Why are you using a formula that does not work?

Because everyone else is? Because it’s your idea of what should work? Because someone who has no real information on what is going on with a certain team thinks they have a good idea? Or is it because you think you are going to be the first and only one ever to do it the way you want it to happen?

Continuing a proven unsuccessful course of action, expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

When you want different results, you need a different strategy.

This can be said about everything in life not just hockey. When you attempt something and you do not have success, you need to examine why that attempt was not successful. Every engineer knows this process of trial and error. Every scientist understands this process.

When examining a process, every person working on that process, when not having success, goes to another expert to get insight. A different opinion. A different way of looking at something within the engineering or scientific process that the original person just could not see because they are so close to the project that their vision is not as clear as it could be.

This is exactly why parents are hiring advisers.

Let me qualify what an adviser is though. An adviser is not someone without experience. There are a lot of people hanging their shingles every year using their daddy or someone else to give them credibility. So, unless your potential adviser has actually done something in the game and has a lot of experience, you are likely to be disappointed.

A good adviser knows what to look for. A good adviser has good contacts. A good adviser doesn’t recruit on Facebook and other social media. A good adviser while watching players, is not chasing after them. A good adviser is always available via text, email or phone.

A good adviser is not cheap. You want an expert to look at your situation and come up with a solution? That expertise comes with time and experience, and those commodities have a value.

How many of you after reading this will continue with the old way that has proven to be unsuccessful?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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