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An Advisers Life – The Path To Different Results

A few days ago I got an email from a mother who clearly wants to help her son achieve his dream of playing college hockey. Her hope for him was evident in the time she took to write a lengthy email describing his position in his organization now that the organization has made some moves to become more competitive.

I responded to her email and asked a total of three easy questions which when answered, could have helped me answer her questions more completely.

That was four days ago and I have not received a response to three simple questions.

So, first and foremost. The path to different results in your hockey career will begin with you learning how to properly communicate and define what your goals are for the future.

If you can not communicate, or do not communicate in a timely manner, you will never move forward.

Beyond all the time you put in at the gym, and on the ice, if you can not clearly define your goals and plans on how to accomplish those goals, then you have a serious problem. Communication and information is everything when it comes to building a successful career path.

“I want to play college hockey.” Yes, sure you do. Its the parrot answer all players without a clearly defined career path always give.

So I ask you, “How are you going to get there?”

Don’t tell me, playing in one league or another. Every league has a set of initials and without a plan all you have is alphabet soup.

“How are you going to get there?”

If you can not answer that question, you have not mastered the art of communicating your dream and creating a real plan to reach your goals.

If you can even verbalize a bad plan, at least its a plan. Plans can always be changed. But failing to plan your course will lead you to continue to be lost. It will lead you to have your parents emailing advisers not knowing what to do to help you.

Physical effort, along with accomplishments on the ice are only part of the equation. Planning a path forward is what every successful player does. The best players in the world have a plan, why shouldn’t you?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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