An Advisers Life – When It Is Time To Change Teams And The Direction Your Career Is Heading

When you continue to do what you have always done, yet you expect to have different results, is the very definition of insanity.

When you continue to go from camp to camp to camp. Yet you continue to get cut. Why are you continuing to chase things?

When you are playing on a team that doesn’t move you off the fourth line why are you staying with the same team?

When you are never getting an opportunity to win the starting job or a top six role, why are you going back to the same old situation?

Because you think you are going to earn a higher position? Because the coach told you this year will be different? Or you are afraid of the politics of leaving a program?

I got news for you players.

This is your hockey career, and no one else’s. No coach, no team mate, no parent or anyone else is going to mean anything if you continue to listen to people who in the end are only looking out for themselves.

If the team isn’t giving you want you want in one year, staying with that team for a second or third year is a tremendous mistake.

After one year, the coach already knows or thinks he knows what he has in each player.

Parents an players talk themselves into bad decisions each day. When they should be taking a chance on change. Change is the catalyst of growth. Change presents challenges.

Changing teams is not only good, but it usually causes more immediate growth on the ice and in maturity than staying with one organization for multiple years.

New coaches form new opinions. New coaches are more appreciative of new players coming to a program they recruited.

Remember. You are the customer. You have a right to demand certain levels of customer service. Stop settling for less than you deserve. Especially at the AAA and Tier 3 levels.

Its time to change what you are doing if you want to get different results. Get off the merry go round. Stop buying the magic beans. Take control of your career and make a new choice, don’t allow the choice to be made for you.

Overcoming the fear of change will lead you in a new direction filled with challenges and growth. Isn’t this why we are doing this?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser