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Bill Zaniboni MNJHL Coach Of The Year

Character and the success that comes with character, are just part of why Bill Zaniboni has been named the Minnesota Junior Hockey League’s Coach of The Year.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Zaniboni for a number of years now.  First as a player, then a friend, and a coach.  I have watched him grow into what I consider one of the smartest coaches developing in the game today.

A fierce competitor on the ice, Zaniboni has taken that tenacity to the bench.  A believer in the concept that if you are preparing young men for the next level they need to be treated as though they are already at the next level, and the bar measuring success should always be set just a little higher than the previous season.

A coach who is also a friend and mentor.  I have witnessed his compassion when dealing with a player who has had an off ice issue, or has experienced a personal tragedy.  I have seen how he devotes the extra time to work with a player who asks for help.

These are the qualities you would expect in a Coach of The Year.

The MNJHL had this to say in their release:

“When voting first started for this award, the Coach of the Year seemed to be a rather easy decision for many of the coaches, owners, and GM’s across the league. One name kept coming up, and it was not simply because of how his team performed, rather it was based on his willingness to help players on and off his roster get into college programs and the league wide respect for the man himself. This year alone 7 players on his roster are now off to collegiate programs. Congratulations Head Coach of the Dells Ducks Bill Zaniboni this years MnJHL Coach of the Year. Thanks Bill for all the great work you have done this season developing the players on and off the ice.”

Congratulations to Bill Zaniboni, the Dells Ducks and the Ducks players.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher


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