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BS Boyz And The Junior Hockey Radio Network Team Up With TJHN


With the launch of our newly designed and updated website, we are very excited to announce that the BS Boyz and their Junior Hockey Radio Network have teamed up with TJHN.

The BS Boyz have been a staple of on-line broadcasting since the very beginning of on-line broadcasting.  The Mayhem Behind The Mic show has become one of the most popular on-line broadcasts associated with junior hockey.

Part of this agreement will allow for all TJHN sponsors to be included in promotions with the BS Boyz and The Junior Hockey Radio Network.  With thousands of listeners that are fans, parents and players connected to the game, this is a target specific sponsor vehicle that will bring sponsors added value to their marketing packages.

The BS Boyz and The Junior Hockey Radio Network were granted call letters by the National Association of Digital Broadcasters.  KHKY is the legal address in the radio market.  The letter K is assigned to stations west of the Mississippi – HKY is an abbreviation of HocKeY.

The Junior Hockey Radio Network and BS Boyz offer professionally produced in studio broadcasts as well as live remote broadcasting.  Look for the BS Boyz at special events throughout the year.

One project in the works is to have the BS Boyz broadcast live from the 2014 Pre Draft Showcase.  Every player will be interviewed and have that interview available on his Pre Draft Profile.  These interviews will also be in addition to live on line broadcasting of the Pre Draft event.

Look for the BS Boyz at other events throughout the season as well.  There are many exciting things happening on The Junior Hockey Radio Network along with TJHN.

khky.listen2myradio.com are available round the clock in an archived system.  Live broadcasts are in the development process.  Please give a listen and let us know what you think.  You can follow the BS Boyz on their website http://thebsboys.wordpress.com/

With the new TJHN site design going live in the next 24 to 48 hours, look for The Junior Hockey Radio Network to have their own page and links to their content.  Also look for the BS Boyz radio show to be featured throughout the new season on TJHN.

Stay tuned for more updates on programming and marketing opportunities.

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