Butte Cobras raise money for Peck family

The Western States Hockey League’s Butte Cobras are trying to raise enough money for a local family.  Earlier this week Amanda and Keith Peck were both found dead in their Butte home from an apparent murder-suicide.

Butte Cobra’s head coach Ty Smith says the Peck family was always ready to help out the team.

“The kids were always involved helping out with the sticks, making sure we were ready to go. But Amanda took a lot of weight off my shoulders while she was around, working with us,” said Smith. 

The team was close with the Peck family because the four kids were hockey fans. The mother Amanda Peck was a Billet Coordinator for the team. She was responsible for players who were out of town and needing a home.

As a result, the Butte Cobras want to help the family have a new start.  They hope to raise enough money to buy the children a new home. Mike Flint, a staffer with the Cobras hopes the community will help chip in and make that goal happen.

“Even if everybody in Butte donated $10 that’s more than an enough to get these kids into a new home. We believe these kids should not go back to a tragic home they were involved with,” said Flint.

To help the family you can visit http://buttecobras.pointstreaksites.com/view/buttecobras .


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