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Can Your Team Survive With No Fans At Games?

No fans allowed in the building. It’s a very real possibility for the 2020-2021 season.

Think about this for a minute. It is not a forgone conclusion yet, but every day we are dealing with this COVID pandemic is a day closer to no fans allowed at games.

Every league in North America is currently dealing with this very real possibility. While it certainly will not effect every team, it will definitely effect every team that is dependent on ticket sales.

Speaking with Commissioners of leagues with teams that are dependent on ticket revenue, they are preparing for teams to go dark for a year.

The question then becomes, what are you doing as a player to prepare for this?

What is your backup plan? If the team you plan on playing for all of a sudden has to not play this year because they cant sell tickets or cant sell enough socially distanced tickets to survive?

If you don’t have that backup plan now, then you are in more trouble.

Once teams begin to take a year off, there will be a rush to sign with other teams. Where will you be in that rush? Will you have a deal done, or will you be waiting in line?

Yes, I know, teams are telling you everything is going to be fine. Nothing to worry about with their team. Of course they are telling you this. Would you expect them to say anything different?

So, maybe some common sense can be used.

If the NHL doesn’t know when they will resume play or start next season, how would any ticket revenue driven league know? If the NHL is looking to play in “hub” cities, how would junior hockey teams be able to survive with no ticket revenue and no Television rights to sell?

Now more than ever its important to have a backup plan. Don’t buy the party line or company information that everything will be fine.

Teams will most definitely not play who are expecting to play this coming season. Teams, traditionally strong teams with great ownership will have no choice but to take a year off.

Prepare. Don’t panic. If you are ready, you will move forward through this inconvenient and trying time. If you are not, you may need to get very used to sitting at home for a long time.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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