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Canada Border Closure Extended

Now that the Canadian Border closure has been extended through the end of August, does anyone really think they are going to give special treatment to American players looking to play in Canada?

For those of you who have refused to pull your heads out of your backsides, it should be starting to get pretty clear that you are not going to be playing in Canada next season. If that’s not clear, you need your eyes checked.

Your season starting in Canada in September is not happening. And it will not happen in October or November either.

All those ideas of trying to scam the student visa program that some teams in Ontario were suggesting….. Well if you fell for it and enrolled in a university to get a student visa thinking you could just drop out? You can drop out, but you started your NCAA clock ticking and you already lost a year of eligibility.

Yes, some donkeys in Ontario were trying this on American parents who didn’t have a real adviser to tell them the truth of things.

I said it four months ago. Canadian Junior Hockey teams have already been told to not expect to be able to have American born players this season. With the border closure extended again, who wants to argue the point with me again?

If it hasn’t hit you players by now, North America is not going to be smooth operating this season. Teams and leagues will have their seasons stopped and seasons will be incomplete.

Until every league announces what their exact plan is, any reference to “we intend” or “we hope” or “we are planning” when it comes to the next season is all complete BS.

Teams and leagues are waiting for States to tell them they can not play so they have someone to blame it on. None of them want to step up and admit what many know.

Junior hockey this season will only happen in the safest of locations under the safest of conditions. There simply wont be many of those in North America.

When you are ready for an alternative plan, I will be waiting for your email. Dont worry, I am not an “I told you so” kind of person.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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