Central Scouting Adds Drag And Drop Video, Documents, And Photos To Player Profile

In an effort to provide more in the FREE FOR LIFE PLAYER PROFILES, Central Scouting Services has made important upgrades in technology for players to use.

Now, in player profiles, all a player needs to do is drag and drop, video, photos, and PDF documents into their profile for Scouts to see.

Just highlight the item on your desktop and drag it into your profile and it uploads. Easy, no software, and no searching for files in your documents or photos.

All the information scouts want to see is right there, and its unlimited.

Place your high school transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores, game clips and photos right in one location. One FREE FOR LIFE place where scouts from the NHL on down can view all of it.

Improve your visibility to scouts by making sure everything they want is in one place. This is how you become efficient in your effort to get to the next level.

If what you have done in the past isn’t working, why would you continue to do the same thing? If you don’t have your free player profile, isn’t it about time you did?