The Death Pool – Its Not Junior Hockey When ……

Good morning and happy Monday to everyone reading. I hope your weekend was enjoyable and you got out to support your local junior hockey teams. Well, junior hockey teams that actually qualify as junior hockey teams, and not some of these examples…..

Its not junior hockey when your Head Coach is found sleeping in the dressing room because he was evicted from team housing after the team didn’t pay the rent.

Its not junior hockey when your Head Coach, who just suspended a player for drinking, shows up drunk to your Saturday morning game in the clothes he was wearing at the bar on Friday night.

Its not junior hockey when on your first road trip of the year, you are told that there will be six players in each room.

Its not junior hockey when you are losing ever game by and average of five goals or more and your coach keeps blaming the goalies but your team has never scored more than two goals in a game.

Its not junior hockey when you have ten skaters, but the game sheet says more than 15 because your coach keeps using players names that left the team weeks ago.

Its not junior hockey when your mom starts dating your coach and you go from sitting in the stands to playing a regular shift.

Its not junior hockey when no one on your roster has played higher than Midget AA before the start of the season.

Finally, its not junior hockey when after a well organized team workout at the gym, followed by a seminar on nutrition, your coach takes the team for lunch at Taco Bell.

Yes folks, all of these things happened or are happening right now on various teams…….