Central Scouting Services Announces 2019 Combine Dates And Locations

Central Scouting Services is pleased to announce that 2019 CSS Combine and Performance Testing Registration is now open.

The process is simple.  Players first register their FREE FOR LIFE profile at https://centralscoutingservices.com Then select your event, and complete registration.

All information from combines, as well as the video, statistics, photos, and other profile information you provide will be available to scouts and team personnel every day of the week around the clock from anywhere in the world.

North America Combine Registration

Europe Combine Registration

Do not accept imitation events.  No other event has CSS technology or the CSS player database made available to scouts.

Central Scouting Services is the standard by which all athlete testing is measured.  Pin point laser accuracy, in depth analysis, and the technological advantage that lifts players from competitive to world class.

If you have not attended a Central Scouting Services Combine and Performance Testing event isn’t it time that you did?